"Powerful Hyten Global Ketoboost Marketing Funnel System... and how you can duplicate it!"

Instructions for Setting Up Your
Hyten Global Ketoboost Marketing System

Capture Pages + Sales Page + Email Follow Up + Build Your Own List (you can broadcast)
You can customized every page and messages if you want or leave it the way it is...
... All done for you, just upload share code and you're in business!

Sample capture pages and sales page




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Why You Need This Hyten Global Ketoboost Marketing System

Introduction to the Inner Workings of A Successful Marketing Machine


Signing Up for Power Lead System



Written Instructions How to Setup Your
Hyten Global Ketoboost Marketing System


Step 1 - Log in and click on 'Companies You Promote'.




Step 2: Scroll through the list of companies & find 'Code-1'


Highlight 'Code-1and click 'Save'


Find Your Hyten Global Ketoboost Username
Paste & Save the URL for 'Code-1'

Your link will look like this:




To 'Copy & Paste', highlight the entire link above, right click your mouse, and click 'Copy'
Wherever your cursor is blinking, right click your mouse and click 'Paste'.


Be sure you swap in YOUR username in the URL above!
Click on Click Here to Save


- - - - - - - -

Step 2a: Scroll through the list of companies & find 'Facebook - 1'


Highlight 'Facebook - 1' and click 'Click Here to Save'

Paste & Save this URL for
'Facebook - 1'



Be sure you swap in YOUR username in the URL above!
Click on Click Here to Save



Step 3 - Paste in This Share Code - 397648-ketoboost


Paste this share code 397648-ketoboost in the 'My Sharing Codes' section.  To get there, hover over 'Websites', (main header seen across the top when you log in), then hover over 'Web Pages', then click on 'My Sharing Codes'. (you will see 'My Sharing Codes' while you are hovering over 'Web Pages').


- - - - - - - - - - -


Paste in (or enter) this share code 397648-ketoboost & click 'Submit': 




Step 4 - Get Yourself a domain:


You'll need to set up a domain with your account.  To do this, you can either purchase a
new domain directly from your back office (easiest), or transfer one that you already own. 

Login and click the button that says 'Add Your Domain':


Follow the simple steps to get your domain.

(the button will turn from red to green once this step is completed)


Step 5 - Click on 'Websites'

'Websites' is a main header across the top.  By now you should have either purchased or transferred a domain.



Scroll down a little (after clicking on 'Websites') and look for this drop down menu:


NOTE: Allow some time for your domain to become active within your system. 

It may happen in minutes, or several hours.


Step 6 - Select the domain you want to 'attach' your Funnel to.


Any of your additional domains or subdomains will also be seen in this drop-down menu. 

Choose the one you want your funnel attached to.


Step 7 - Scroll down and 'select' the 'HYTEN GLOBAL KETOBOOST MARKETING SYSTEM'.


Once you've selected that funnel, scroll all the way down, and click on 'Save My Choice'. 


That's it... Your funnel is now completely set up and ready to go.

NOTE: Do NOT use a 'WWW' in your URL if your are using a subdomain. 



Important. Choosing Multiple Pages And Capture Pages Or Copy A Page and Edit It to your liking or personal branding.
(unlimited pages for marketing)


Step 1.  Go to Website => Domains / SubDomains => Manage SubDomains.  Create New Sub-Domain => put whatever you want without using www in front of it.  Click on Create. 

Then Click on Click here to use an existing WebPage from our Library of WebPages. 

The first one Ketoboost Capture 1 is the first Capture Page. 

The Second One Ketoboost Capture 2 is another capture page. 
There will be more added and you will see it there.

The Next Other one is Ketoboost Sales Page. You can actually use the DOMAINNAME.com as the sales page so it's easy to just send people that  you know and are talking to about the business  in there for more info so they don't have to fill out the form.

Then for subdomains.domainame.com you can  use that for capture pages and use that for various marketing

When Choosing Which Autoresponder Campaign Prospects Receive Choose
'ketoboostprospects (by Pierre M.C.)'


Can I choose a different lead capture page with my Funnel?

You can use or create ANY lead capture page and connect it to your Funnel.  You can even set up multiple funnels simultaneously. You can copy and edit pages.

Where can I find my opt-ins/leads? 

All all your leads can be found in your contact management system.  (click on the 'Contacts' header). 


How do I refer others to get this custom Marketing System? 

Click on 'Websites', (main header along the top) and choose which domain or subdomain you wish to attach a new page to.  You may need to create a subdomain.  (a video on 'creating a subdomain' can be found in the training area under the section 'Daily Tip'.

Once you've chosen the domain or subdomain that you'll be attaching this page to, scroll down and select the page called 'Getting Started Instructions'.  Then scroll down and click 'Save'. This page is identical to the one you're reading now, with the only difference being, YOU will get the credit when anyones joins from it (assuming you are an affiliate). 



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